Our Main Focus is Africa Takaful Business and Middle East, providing with a Shari'a complaint products.

Africa Re has realized the importance of the growing needs for strong Re-Takaful provider in Africa and consequently established Africa Re-Takaful to meet the increasing need for Shari'a compliance products.

The company's Shari's Supervisory board is continuously examining the products to ensure that the products and services as in compliance with the Shari'a principles.
Wakala Model
is a contract of agency, which replaces surplus sharing with a performance fee. The Takaful operator in this case acts as an agent (Wakeel) for participants and manages the Takaful/Re-Takaful fund in return for a defined fee.
The Mudaraba Model
is essentially a basis for sharing profit and loss Between the Takaful operator and the Policyholders. The Takaful operator manages the operation in return for a share of the surplus on underwriting and a share of profit from investment.
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